First to Finish 9 Holes Wins

Speedy Golf is a footrace to see who can complete 9 holes of golf the fastest. Race the clock, add leaderboard ghosts or AI, or challenge your friends. Hit accurate golf shots, use powerups, and take shortcuts to post the fastest time.

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You also have to run!

In Speedy Golf, you have to chase after your ball. Hop over sand traps and avoid the tall grass and water, they'll slow you down.

Multiplayer Madness

Close finishes down to the second, crazy comebacks, and well-timed powerups to stop your opponents. Play up to 4 player split-screen. Use a combination of keyboard, mouse, and controller inputs.

Gamemodes Galore

Race the entire course, hole-by-hole, or battle it out with a variety of powerups. Play cooperatively in leap frog mode and share a ball. Start a Speedy Golf Career and complete objectives to buy memberships at more prestigious and challenging couses.