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Nick Curto's collection and portfolio of game projects

Conquered Command

Student Capstone project at The Ohio State University completed on a team with five others. Take back control of an alien-infested spaceship in a Sci-Fi Action RPG adventure. Manage four squadmates by giving orders and using abilities. Solve puzzles to unlock doorways and rewards.

View on OSU's page (Spring 2017)

Implemented Game Features

19 player abilities with particle effects. Squadmate AI. Navmeshes.

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Executive Golf

My first solo game project in Unity for a Game and Animation course in Spring 2016. Developed in 2 weeks. Play golf on 3 holes, score points on the practice range minigame, and compete against another friend for the lowest score.

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Implemented Game Features

Shallow wave water effects, particles affected by wind, local multiplayer, clubs with different launch forces and loft angles.

Cortex Rex (GGJ)

Made in 2022 with an newly-formed team for Global Game Jam. Made over a 48 hour period.

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Implemented Game Features

A rhythm minigame to represent breathing. Match the pulses to get irregular breaths out of control.

A sorting minigame to represent spinning thoughts. Sort your thoughts by identifying the shape and color of spinning shapes.